The latest issue of The CLER Review (Vol. 18) is now available.

The main topic of Vol. 18 is a commentary by John Heinze (CLER) and Scott Dyer (LeTourneau University) on the European Commission proposal to add a mixture assessment factor (MAF) to every chemical in the REACH database.

Also, in this issue are three of the key scientific studies reporting environmental mixture data on LAS, conducted on the highly impacted Trinity River in Texas and across the state of Ohio, USA.

The commentary and the supporting studies provide a strong case that a MAF value should be applied in a more focused assessment rather than to every chemical in the REACH database.

Volumes 15-17 of The CLER Review are also available for download below. For copies of volumes 1 – 14, please email

The purpose of The CLER Review is to bring together in one publication the latest scientific research and public policy information on linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) and its precursor, linear alkylbenzene (LAB). LAS is one of the most widely used – and widely studied – chemicals worldwide.

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