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CLER presents Lecture on Sustainability and Ecolabels (March 2021)

CLER presents two new studies at 2019 CESIO World Surfactants Congress (August 2019)

Council for LAB/LAS Environmental Research Publishes CLER Review, Volume 16 (September 2018)

Council for LAB/LAS Environmental Research Publishes The CLER Review, Volume 14 (July 2015)

Independent Audit Confirms that LAS Meets U.S. EPA Ecolabel Criteria (October 2014)

Council for LAB/LAS Environmental Research Publishes THE CLER REVIEW, Volume 13 (May 2013)

CLER Provides Comments to Canadian DSL Website Regarding Mischaracterizations of LAS, LAB Hazards (August 2008)

Update on Key Risk Assessment of LAS Published in the CLER Review (February 2008)

LAS CleanGredients Database Listing (2007)

CLER Review Supplement 2006: The EU REACH Regulatory System: Pre-Registration Evaluation of OECD SIDS Approved Chemicals – LAB and LAS as Case Studies (October 2006)

Safety of LAS Highlighted at World Detergents Conference (October 2006)

Major International Safety Assessment Featured in Latest CLER Review (January 2006)

Now available as a supplement to Volume 10 of the CLER Review: The OECD-approved SIDS Dossier on LAS

Groundbreaking Risk Assessment of LAS Published in CLER Review  (December 2004)

Scientists Affirm Safety of LAS: Results of Decade of Research to be Unveiled at Surfactants Conference (June 2004)

Study Demonstrates Ultimate Biodegradation of LAS In Seawater (May 2004)

New Studies Reaffirm Safety of LAS (December 2003)

OECD Affirms Human Safety of LAS (November 2003)

Study Demonstrating Saftety of LAS in Sludge-Amended Soils to be Presented at Biosolids Conference (April 2003)

Studies Demonstrate Environmental Safety of LAS in Septic Tank Systems (February 2003)

Radiolabeled LAS Anaerobic Biodegradation Study (October 2002)

CLER and ECOSOL Take Part In World Detergents Conference (October 2002)

New Studies Confirm LAS Safety in Terrestrial, Marine Environments (April 2002)

EU Consultants Report Ignores Science on LAS Sludge Safety (October 2001)

New Studies Demonstrate Anaerobic Biodegradation Of LAS ( February 2001)

New Studies Affirm Environmental Safety of LAS (June 2000)

“An Update: Science versus Politics in the Environmental Regulatory Process: March 6, 2000” by John E. Heinze, Ph.D. (March 2000)

European Groups Question Relevance of Anaerobic Biodegradability (January 2000)

Six Studies Demonstrate Safety of LAS In Soil (January 2000)

Danish Researchers Confirm the Safety of LAS in Biosolids (October 1999)

New Study Demonstrates LAS Biodegrades In Septic System (February 1999, March 1998)

New Methods Represent Rapid Biodegradation of LAS (March 1998)

Real World Studies In Seven Countries Find LAS Biodegrades Rapidly In Rivers, Streams (February 1997)

Study Finds LAS Biodegrades Rapidly in Mississippi River (December 1996)

Extensive Studies of Rhine and Other Rivers in Germany Find Detergent Ingredients are not a Problem (September 1996)

U.S. Risk Assessment Confirms Environmental Acceptability of LAS (May 1996)

Low Environmental Risk of LAS and Other Laundry Components: New Study from the Netherlands (December 1995)

Life Cycle Study Finds Environmental Claims Made for Certain Surfactants Lack Scientific Basis: No Surfactant Found Superior to LAS (November 1995)

Study Confirms Environmental Safety of LAS and DATS (September 1995)

UK Department of Environment Approves LAS (August 1995)

Netherlands Finds No Significant Risk (June 1995)